Course Contents

Introduction to Auto Mechanics
• The Auto Mechanics Trade Today and Tomorrow
• Safety First: What You Need to Know on Day One
• On Overview of Automobile Systems and Their Main Repair and Maintenance Tasks
• Important Tools and Instruments
• Practical Exercises
• Alternative Fuels and Automotive Technologies

Automotive Technology
• Careers in the Automotive Industry
• Workplace Skills
• Basic Theories and Math
• Automotive Systems
• Hand Tools and Shop Equipment
• Diagnostic Equipment and Special Tools
• Working Safely In the Shop
• Preventative Maintenance and Basic Services

• Automotive Engine Designs and Diagnosis
• Engine Disassembly and Cleaning
• Lower End Theory and Service
• Upper End Theory and Service
• Engine Sealing and Reassembly
• Lubricating and Cooling Systems

• Basics of Electrical Systems
• General Electrical System Diagnostics and Service
• Batteries: Theory, Diagnosis, and Service
• Starting and Motor Systems
• Charging Systems
• Lighting Systems
• Instrumentation and Information Displays
• Basics of Electronics and Computer Systems
• Electrical Accessories

Engine Performance
• Engine Performance Systems
• Detailed Diagnosis and Sensors
• Ignition Systems
• Ignition System Diagnosis and Service
• Gasoline, Diesel and Other Fuels
• Fuel Delivery Systems
• Electronic Fuel Injection
• Fuel Injection System Diagnosis and Service
• Intake and Exhaust Systems
• Emission Control Systems
• Emission Control Diagnosis and Service
• Hybrid Vehicles
• Electric Vehicles

Manual and Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles,
Suspension and Steering Systems, Brakes and Passenger Comfort

• Clutches
• Manual Transmission and Transaxles
• Manual Transmission and Transaxle Service
• Drive Axles and Differentials
• Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles
• Electronic Automatic Transmissions
• Automatic Transmission and Transaxle Service
• Four and All-Wheel Drive
• Tires and Wheels
• Suspension and Steering Systems
• Restraint Systems
• Wheel Alignment
• Brake Systems
• Drum and Disc Brakes
• Anti-lock Brake, Traction Control, and Stability Control Systems
• Heating and Air Conditioning
• Heating and Air Conditioning Diagnosis and Service