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Having trouble in Flat Screen LCD or
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The Course is designed as an introduction to design, function and operation of flat screen lcd tvs.
Also covered are the types and nature of component failures, their causes and symptoms, and the repair cost implications.
This serves as a comprehensive precursor to any Television repair training courses. These are only examples of some of the photos found inside.
In this guide you will also learn how to test the important circuits and components found in LCD TVs.

In this guide you will also learn how to repair these LCD TVs…..

  • samsung LNT4061FX/XAA
  • Set had vertical colored lines and no OSD.
  • samsung LNT4661F
  • Takes some time to power on and when it is on there are red dots throughout the picture.
  • Samsung LNT4671FX
  • Unit cycles on and off for minutes before coming on.
  • Westinghouse LTV32W1
  • No power, Power LED turns blue to amber then off, may be intermittent.
  • Sylvania LC320SL8
  • No power, fuse blown.
  • Sharp LC37D43U
  • No back light.
  • Polaroid FLM323B
  • No audio.
  • Polaroid FLM3732
  • No power, no standby LED.
  • Magnavox 50MF231D/37
  • Power LED lights but set does not come on.
  • Find out how to repair the LCD TVs listed and more inside this easy to follow guide.

Course includes the following information:

Over 900   1500 1700 ++ Different Brands & Models Of Quality LCD TV Troubleshooting and Repairing Information. Including Training Manuals, Service Manuals, Schematic Diagrams, Service Bulletin, LCD TV Inverter Secret Information, LCD TV Firmware and their program (use to upload the firmware into the LCD TV), and many more!


You will get information on how to disassemble LCD TV’s, replace LCD or LED TV screen and others section too.


You will learn how to login into the LCD TV Service Menu through your remote control. This tip can help you to troubleshoot and repair minor problems in some of the LCD & LED TV’s.


Easily guide you on how to upload or update the latest firmware into the TV’s. Learn this secrets before your competitor does! This method are useful for the latest technology of TV, especially for LED & 3D Smart Tv.


You will be exposed to a list of LCD & LED TV spare parts suppliers and you can compare the prices for maximum profit!


Most of the Samsung LCD TV service manuals are not included the power supply schematic diagrams. For your information, they are about 60~70% lcd tv were causes by the power supplies (PSU) or IP board (Inverter Power board). Here is the list of part number for samsung lcd tv power supply!


The training manuals we provided are fully of useful information like how the LCD , LED and 3D TV work. Also provide other information in the TV like PSU (Power Supply Board), IP board (Inverter Power Supply), Mainboard, T-CON Board (Timing Control Board), Inverter Board and so on.


The technology of TV are changing very fast until the repairer can’t follow their steps. But this membership site will continue to growth and provide the latest TV repair solution to the members. Lots of repairer they enjoy this service since year 2008 until today!


Now included LED TV and 3D LCD TV!

And Much Much More!!
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Are you researching the LCD Inverter IC Info or some HARD to find Inverter IC’s?

Yes! You can get a lot of LCD inverter IC information and their schematic diagram. The schematic diagram will show you how one, two or more lamps (backlight) were connected to the inverter IC’s. With the information provided you will know if an inverter IC is working or not. Some time, you can use these schematic diagrams to find out burnt component values on the inverter board. Here are just some of the Inverter IC part numbers covered in the schematic diagrams like BIT3101, BIT3105, BIT series, OZ960, OZ9RR, OZ series and etc.

So how exactly are this package of high-quality LCD TV Repair information made available to members?

This package of LCD TV repair information becomes available to members when you join the membership. That’s mean you can download all the LCD & LED TV repair information the moment you join as a member. With these fantastic information: Training Manuals, Service Manuals, Schematic Diagrams, Service Bulletin, LCD Inverter Private Information, LCD TV Firmware and their programs (used for upload the firmware into the LCD TV), i’m sure your LCD TV repair knowledge will shoot to the roof!

What kind of “LCD TV Repair” information can you expect to find here ?

Only the best and the latest! – can help you “stand-out” from your competitors’ who are still using those old information in troubleshooting LCD TV! Get the latest LCD TV repair training manuals and related repair information RIGHT NOW!

Do i need to pay every month for the latest LCD TV repair information that i’m going to get every month of the year?

No, you only pay once and enjoy the benefit as a member to download the monthly latest LCD TV repair information that you are going to receive every month of the year.