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Comprehensive Training: Step-by-step instructions that break down the complexities of smart TV repair into digestible modules. From diagnosing software glitches to handling hardware malfunctions, you’ll gain mastery over the inner workings of smart televisions.


In-depth Insights: Delve into the technological architecture of smart TVs, understanding their components and functionalities with clarity. With Jeff Cliff’s expertise and lucid explanations, navigate through various brands and models effortlessly.


Proven Techniques: Learn insider tips and tricks gathered from Jeff Cliff’s wealth of experience in the industry. Benefit from his expertise and grasp repair strategies that will make you a sought-after professional in the field.


Practical Exercises: Apply your newfound knowledge through hands-on exercises carefully crafted to reinforce your learning. Get hands-on experience with real-life repair scenarios, ensuring you’re equipped to handle any smart TV issue that comes your way.

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What You Will Learn

How to Fix a TV That Won’t Turn On

How to Repair Dead Smart TV Motherboard

TV Won’t Connect To WIFI Wireless Network, How To Fix?

Learn to identify important circuits and components found in LCD TVs

Part, Tool and Test Equipment Distributors

How To Fix A Broken LCD LED Flat Screen TV With lines, spots or patches, dots or shading.

If your smart TV turns off by itself, What to check how to fix it

How to fix blinking or flickering TV

If your TV powers on but the screen is black and there is no picture- How to fix it

If your flat-screen HDTV has sound but no picture, and the screen is not cracked. You will learn how to fix it.

If your TV shows “No Input Signal. Know what to check and how to fix it

If your TV screen is green. Here’s what you can check and how to potentially fix the problem

Know 10 Steps involved in replacing a cracked TV screen

How to troubleshoot and potentially repair flat-screen LCD TV with power and motherboard issues

If your TV is displaying distorted flashing colors, Learn how to fix it yourself

If your TV has a dark screen and you cannot see the television picture – Learn to fix it like a pro

If your TV picture jumps, jerks, or skips, Learn 10 ways to fix this issue:

If your flat-screen TV has lines going through the screen,

Learn how to troubleshoot and potentially fix the problem.

How to Fix a Blown Power Capacitors on a dead Smart Tv Motherboard

Course Includes:

Smart Tv Motherboard Problems and Solutions

How to disassemble LCD TV’s, replace LCD or LED TV screen 

Screen Display Problems and Solutions – LCD|LED|OLED 

How to upload or update the latest firmware into the TV’s. 

Get list of LCD & LED TV spare parts suppliers

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Problems and Solutions

25 Hardware-Related Failures and Solutions for Smart TVs:

25 Software-Related Problems and Solutions for Smart TVs!

Tips and tricks on repairing LCD monitors

And Much Much More!!

“After ordering the Flat Screen Television Repair Course, you can download all the provided information to your computer.

From there, you can print it out and bind it into a book for convenient reference purposes! “


Are you researching the LCD Inverter IC Info or some HARD to find Inverter IC’s?

Yes! You can get a lot of LCD inverter IC information and their schematic diagram. The schematic diagram will show you how one, two or more lamps (backlight) were connected to the inverter IC’s. With the information provided you will know if an inverter IC is working or not. Some time, you can use these schematic diagrams to find out burnt component values on the inverter board. Here are just some of the Inverter IC part numbers covered in the schematic diagrams like BIT3101, BIT3105, BIT series, OZ960, OZ9RR, OZ series and etc.

So how exactly are this package of high-quality LCD TV Repair information made available to members?

This package of LCD TV repair information becomes available to members when you join the membership. That’s mean you can download all the LCD & LED TV repair information the moment you join as a member. With these fantastic information: Training Manuals, Service Manuals, Schematic Diagrams, Service Bulletin, LCD Inverter Private Information, LCD TV Firmware and their programs (used for upload the firmware into the LCD TV), i’m sure your LCD TV repair knowledge will shoot to the roof!

What kind of “LCD TV Repair” information can you expect to find here ?

Only the best and the latest! – can help you “stand-out” from your competitors’ who are still using those old information in troubleshooting LCD TV! Get the latest LCD TV repair training manuals and related repair information RIGHT NOW!

Do i need to pay every month for the latest LCD TV repair information that i’m going to get every month of the year?

No, you only pay once and enjoy the benefit as a member to download the monthly latest LCD TV repair information that you are going to receive every month of the year.